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Welcome Interwebs

         to the creative home of Saya

           The Black Flamingo.

Feel free to loose yourself within her art.

Soul searching sessions held twice weekly

to help you find your way out.

Unfortunately, we've quite forgotten

which days those are.

We apologize.

We do however know

how to point you to more

of Saya's online presence!

About the Creator

Saya hails from the land of  Wardrobe, Spare Oom

Where she feasts with Faeries on  Green Eggs in June

Winning NaNoWriMo and lazing  ‘round until noon

It’s a wonder she has time to write such lively tunes!

Between masterminding murder and seductive swoons

Saya aspires her satire to allegorically attune

Her characters’ inner turmoil and mental typhoons

For your reading pleasure in bookstores very soon